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The act of opening

In The Act of Opening I see myself as a researcher of daily life. As a designer, I find a lot of inspiration in the Fluxus and DADA movement. I feel connected with their attitude towards socially accepted values and their love for the inherent beauty of everyday life. They break with conventional assumptions while having total dedication towards their work. As a designer I like to play with ordinary versus the unusual and look at how people live with their surroundings. My work comments on topics by responding to assumptions and challenging the perspective of users and stretch the expectations of a function or form, break with habits or exaggerate.

The Act of Opening derived from questioning the construction of a door. An element in our interior that is often overlooked. There is a lot of space hidden in a door, both physical and in imagination. This is space that we often cannot use.

It raises the question whether we could make better use of the volume inside an interior door? This is the basis of my exam collection.

By playing with these volumes of doors, I anticipate on what a space would look like if we used the elementary volumes present. With my collection I visualize the potential of hidden and unused space by looking at fiction, fantasy and absurdism as a source of inspiration. In my collection I expose the hidden space in the volume of an interior door and propose a new perspective on multifunctional use of volumes. During the design process I developed this by dissecting and reusing existing interior door constructions.

I see interesting growth opportunities for this project by looking into space-saving solutions for small residents or social housing in places such as densely populated cities or tiny housing. With my products and also future design projects I want to invite the user to experience spaces in new ways. This by showing the potential of volumes in function and material. Collaboration with other disciplines such as architecture and interior design would play a positive role in order to carry out projects.

Product Design
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Niels Awater

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Finals Art & Design wed 4 november - sun 8 november 2020